Oct. 20th, 2017 10:28 pm
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I'm so glad that autumn is finally here! It's easily my favorite time of the year. Always has been, really. It represents a quieting down, a slowing in preparation for the sleep of winter and the rebirth of spring. Somehow that meshes very well with my own outlook on things. Yay for autumn!
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I took a couple of vacation days Thursday and Friday, which together with the Labor Day holiday on Monday makes it a nice, five-day weekend. And I've spent a substantial part of it (so far) sleeping -- glorious!

The temperature has been beastly hot here in the Bay Area, so settling down for a nice nap is almost no effort at all. Ahhh....
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For over a quarter of a century I've been going with my friend Arleigh every Saturday to various used and new bookstores. It's been a fixture in my life. But my friend is moving up to the Pacific Northwest in a week, and so today was the final bookstore run.

I'll miss him, and I'll miss the regularity of bookstore visits every week. Time passes, things change.
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Hi all, World Bronze Medal Winner in the "Most Boring Person" event here. (I'd tell you the names of the other two medalists, but I instantly forgot them; that's just how boring they are. I tip my hat...)

Seriously, it's been quiet. ;-)

Home again

May. 30th, 2017 06:21 pm
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I had a lovely visit with my sister in Southern California over the weekend. We spent the day just relaxing at her place -- hiked a local trail, played with the dog, had several games of cribbage, things like that. It was a reminder that relaxation can be found in non-technological things as well.
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Although it wasn't explicitly recommended to me by my doctors, after my hospitalization I decided to cut out all caffeine, since I suspect it may have been aggravating the inflammation. Sure enough, after over a week without caffeine I'm feeling remarkably better around the heart, so much so that I'm no longer having to take the anti-inflammatories at all.

One thing I've observed during this is that the choices available at restaurants for non-sugared, non-caffeinated beverages are a little limited. I wonder why, say, the Hansen's line of diet sodas isn't more widely available. Their tangerine-lime and ginger-ale diet sodas are really good, in my opinion.

Anyway, things continue to improve. I've taken the rest of this week off from work, to turn it into an exceptionally long Memorial Day weekend, and am heading down to Southern California on Friday for a couple days to visit my sister and her family. Haven't seen her in person since her daughter's (my niece's) wedding 18 months ago, so I imagine there will be a lot of catching up.

A very good Memorial Day weekend to you all, Gentle Readers!
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I was making an early-morning bathroom trip on Saturday when it felt like my chest exploded. Got myself to the ER, where they decided to move me upstairs to the cardiac observation floor. Several EKGs, a CT scan, an X-ray, and an echo cardiogram later, they think it wasn't actually the heart, but rather an inflammation of the membrane around the heart, a condition called pericarditis. Treatment is heavy use of anti-inflammatories.

They let me go mid-day on Sunday, and I'm continuing the meds for another couple days. I see my regular doctor on Wednesday to follow up and figure out next steps.

This was the first time I've ever actually been hospitalized, believe it or not. Made it all the way to 63 years old before the first time.

And I know the dietitians there have a difficult job, but the low-salt, low-fat, no-sugar food I got was record setting in its blandness. I didn't even know it was theoretically possible to remove that much flavor from food!

(In the course of all the imaging they uncovered an aneurysm in the rising aorta, which at 4cm isn't critical yet, but they want to monitor it, so I'm setting up an appointment to see a cardiac surgeon in 6 months. If it gets all the way up to 5cm then surgery may be needed)
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Of all the varied kinds of weather there are, I've always loved the wind the most. Don't know why...there's something pure and magical, to me, in the sounds of trees moving in the breeze; in the feel of wind on my face; and in how a good wind can clear the air of smog, or any other impurities.

It's a fine, blustery evening tonight. Here in my library, on the 4th floor, I'm high enough up that I can really hear and see and feel it moving. Glorious!

How about you, Gentle Readers? What kind of weather is your favorite?
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Everywhere I go it seems I see explosions of color...the roses are in bloom! Perhaps it was the large amount of rain we received this year, perhaps something else, but it seems like there's more of an abundance of roses this year than in years prior. It's glorious!

Whenever I see roses I'm reminded of my father. He loved planting and growing roses, and had a pretty good green thumb for it. My mother definitely had a green thumb as well, which is why it puzzles me that my thumb seems to be the antithesis of green. I mean, I have third-party witnesses to the fact that I actually killed a fake plant. Sounds impossible, you say? Well, one day I got home and the floor was littered with the fake leaves. Mom had bought that plant for me, knowing that I wouldn't be able to do it in; little did she realize just how awful with plants I truly am! ;-)
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I guess the backlog really was worked through, because my LJ entries have imported successfully, hooray! (Including the last one at LJ, titled "Bye" -- don't worry, that's my departure from LJ, not from here)


Apr. 20th, 2017 07:30 pm
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I've moved over to DW, same user name. I wish you all peace and joy!
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Our VP of Engineering was in town on Monday and Tuesday, so my normal schedule was somewhat bollixed up. It was a very good visit, and he's remarkably personable, but being the creature of habit I am I'm just as glad that the visit is over and I can get back to my usual routine.

I've been using the cane a little more lately, as my knee has been giving me some more grief. I guess I should talk with the doctor about this; after all, the surgery was all the way back in September, which is now over half a year ago.

Good cheer to you all, Gentle Readers!
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I'm glad this seemingly endless hiatus is finally over. No spoilers here, but I will say I really enjoyed the episode, and in particular the character of Bill. I think she's going to be a really good companion.

Also saw the first episode of Class. It was OK, but I was really hoping for a cameo by Ian Chesterton...
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I just had my blood work done, and my lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.) are all absolutely normal. Not a single high (or low) reading. Yay!
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For those of you who have (or had) accounts on LJ:

I'd like to post one final "goodbye" message there, letting people know that I've moved here to DW. However, it won't allow me to post without agreeing to the new terms, and I refuse to do that. I *was* able to cancel my annual auto-renewal without having to do the agreement, since I tend to use LJ from a browser with JavaScript turned off and that functionality was available in that mode. But it's not letting me post now, stating as the reason my not having yet approved their awful new terms of use.

If you posted a "goodbye" message there, did you have to agree to the new terms first? Or is there some subtle way of doing so without having to agree to them?

Thanks for any comments!
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Since I'm still working full-time, my weekends become the main means by which I'm able to get household chores done. Today was a good example of this. Got up, showered, went over for a blood draw (and I should note that I'm a terrible artist; my draws never capture the platelets' facial expressions adequately); did two loads of laundry; went to Costco to pick up a prescription (and let me attest to the sardines-got-nothing-on-this aspects of the parking lot there today); and then came home and got a good start on my taxes, finally.

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Like many of us, I suspect, I have a favorite pizza place. Been using them for a very long time now: well over 20 years. It has long since gotten to the point where they recognize my voice, so when I call to place an order I say "hi" and tell them what I want, end of call. No "what's your address" or "how will you pay". I love it when a long-term business relationship settles into that sort of comfortable phase.

Which is why it was a bit of a shock tonight to hear that a new owner has bought the business, and will be taking over on Monday. Apparently this new owner is bringing in all new people, so I had to say goodbye over the phone to the folks who have been taking good care of my pizza needs for so many years.

Not a tragedy, of course; nothing on the scale of the real travails the world is going through now. But it does make me a bit sad when a long-term relationship -- even if only in the sense of commerce -- comes to an end.

Ah well. Change is the unchanging nature of things, I guess.
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I'm not too thrilled with the changes happening over at LJ, a community I've been part of for a long time. So I'm creating an account here to see how things work. So hello one and all!
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I can't honestly say I'm sorry to see 2016 depart; this was not an easy year. But hope for the future is one of humankind's signal characteristics, so I will partake of that hope and wish you all a much better 2017! I know many of my friends (and to be honest, I myself) have a hard time believing that things will move any direction but downward, given the change in government. Nonetheless, I have hope that irrespective of what happens up top, here at the ground level we'll continue to help one another, to love one another, and to Keep Moving Forward.

Peace and Joy to you all!
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I've noticed before that once I start a period of time off from work, it takes a number of days for my mental hard drives to "spin down" as it were. Finally today, after 4 consecutive days off since Friday, I felt like the drives were finally spun down. It's always amazing to be in a state of mental peace like this.

Didn't do too much today, and that's just the way I like it. ;-)
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