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Jul. 22nd, 2017 01:45 pm
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Yay! The new trailer for Justice League was released today!

I know DC haters have been trying to undermine the movie since it was first announced, but the success of Wonder Woman will hopefully shut a few of them up, at least long enough to actually see the movie before condemning it.

I think the trailer does an excellent job of setting up the scope of the film. Steppenwolf, as the leader of Darkseid's armies, arrives on Earth looking for the Mother Boxes that have been hidden among different factions for safekeeping. It's a smart way to move the film from one vast locale to the other, as we see the Amazons on Themyscira being attacked and also Aquaman doing battle in Atlantis. There was a Nordic reference to the location of a Mother Box in the original trailer, but I didn't see any of that footage here.

I think the trailer also captures the humor that DC reportedly spent millions on for retakes to alter what apparently was a much darker Justice League. Troubled by the reaction to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the company evidently decidedly to lighten things up and had time for script revisions and new scenes. I just hope the trailer doesn't include all of the humor, which would set people up for a big disappointment.

I personally hope the movie succeeds. And based on this trailer, it stands a good chance of doing just that.

Now for Another Hot Guy.

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Too many scattered thoughts for anything other than a bullet list.

  • I often wonder if Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot regarding the impeachment of Trump (it wouldn't be the first time they've worked against their own self interest). As vile and corrupt as I think the man is, he's at least a rallying point around which Democrats can continue to undermine Republican efforts. His own party has issues with him, ferchristsake! That all disappears when Trump is gone and we're left with (shudder) Mike Pence. And Pence will be so much worse than Trump.

  • I'm finding that I have to push myself to eat more. That sounds weird, but when I'm in diet mode my habit is to eat as little as possible (more weight loss that way, I tell myself). But now that I'm tracking calories with the NutriSystem app, I see that I'm only taking in about 1,000 calories a day. I'm pretty sure that's going to put my body into Starvation Mode, which means the pounds come off that much slower. It's ironic, really. The evolutionary trait that helped man survive when food was scarce now works against me.

  • Next Friday sees the release of three albums by Pet Shop Boys in newly expanded editions as part of their ongoing "Further Listening" series: "Nightlife," "Release," and "Fundamental." I'm excited to pick these up, which is strange because they're probably my least favorites. In fact, I almost never listen to "Release." Still, a new PSB release is a new PSB release.

  • I don't usually remember dreams, but I can clearly recall one I had last night because it was erotic (and I have erotic dreams even less frequently than I remember dreams!). I was at a sex party on a boat, and everyone was pairing up. There were only a few people left, including a clean shaven man who came up to me. I normally wouldn't have looked twice at him, but he was suddenly naked and sporting one of the most enormous uncut cocks. Totally soft and totally unreal and... that's when I woke up.

Which brings me to Another Hot Guy.

Googie in Denver

Jul. 22nd, 2017 06:04 am
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My pal Pink_Halen told me about this charming little place, now home to a Snarf's restaurant. These images were taken just after sunrise on a cloudy morning. We plan to get back there for lunch, one of these days.

We know of two other buildings that are very similar in design. This is by far the more photogenic of the bunch, but I'll get to the others eventually.


Interesting Links for 22-07-2017

Jul. 22nd, 2017 12:00 pm

Oh, hey.

Jul. 22nd, 2017 03:28 am
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Turns out he got captured in the Bronx. Because of course he did! Why the fuck would he hang around Staten Island at all, much less right where he already was? Once he was already escaped, he must've kept running. I know that when I went into the city, there wasn't anybody watching the boat. Why not? Because all the cops in the city and then some were corralled in a 750 foot stretch of Stapleton!

And to top it, the charge is "escaping from custody and possessing a controlled substance and weapon" which is bad, yes, but not bad enough to justify my having to wade through a swamp of cops just to walk the dogs - much less the police breaking into my house, etc.
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Sean Spicer has finally grown a backbone.

When asked how he's feeling, he said: "How do I look like I'm feeling? Relieved."

LOL, I bet!

Sanders read a statement from Trump at the press briefing this afternoon.

"I am grateful for Sean's work on behalf of my administration and the American people. I wish him continued success as he moves on to pursue new opportunities. Just look at his great television ratings," Trump said in the statement.

Dear god, it's like an Onion article, but more so. But listen, Trump, you wanna see great ratings? Just wait until Spicer publishes his salacious tell-all. Bestseller. (He better have a salacious tell-all in the works.)

I'm just disappointed that he made his decision first and then went on the air. I really was hoping to see him give up on national TV. Sigh.

"I do what must be done."

Jul. 21st, 2017 12:15 pm
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Today marks the first two weeks of my diet, and my weigh-in this morning reveals that I've lost a total of 11 pounds.

I think that's pretty impressive. It's the shortest amount of time it's ever taken me to lose as much weight, that's for sure. I have to say that I'm completely sold on NutriSystem's method of eating small amounts of food throughout the day. I have that issue where it takes about a half an hour after I eat to have the sensation of feeling full, but that hasn't been a problem on this diet. By eating something throughout the day, I've had a sated feeling for the past week or so. And I'm not craving anything — well, besides chocolate. That's just part of my life-long addiction, and I don't ever expect that to go away. It's unfortunate that the "chocolate" offered in some Nutrisystem snacks can't compare to the real thing, but I can live with it for another six weeks or so.

For now, it's full steam ahead. I know that the weight won't continue to come off so quickly, but this is a great head start.

Which brings me to Another Hot Guy.

Moonpie has been extra snuggly today.

Jul. 21st, 2017 02:58 pm
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No wonder! Yesterday must have been scary, with strangers tromping around in her house and her own people weren't there!

And today the kittens have started using the litterbox. They've also stopped avoiding the door, which means I had to chase down Kid Blink and return her to her room. But she's definitely getting more used to humans - catching her was trivially easy.
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And she is back home. It's unfortunate that she missed another day of school due to all this, but at least it doesn't look like there's much risk of foster care. I don't think that'd help her education much.

Her dad has been caught. It must've happened in the morning, because as recently as late last night, when Michele dropped me off, there were cops peering in the car windows.

Conversation from the hospital:

Me: Oh, hey, Mommy, did you speak to your brother yet?
Mom: Yeah, I called him last week.
Me: Okay, but do you think you should call him soon?
Mom: I was going to call him Saturday. That's his birthday.
Me: ...
Michele: Oh, wonderful! "Hi, happy birthday, and by the way...!"
Mom: Oh, it's a minor stroke!
Michele: "Good news, bro, I had a stroke of luck!"

Workin' overtime...

Jun. 27th, 2017 11:00 pm
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A rostered overtime shift today.... I finished last night around 2.00am, so by the time I got home, it was straight to bed, try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep, and then up again at lunchtime to start at 2.29pm. But hey - I'm not complaining. If it had stayed a day off, as originally rostered, then I probably would have just stayed in bed all day...


A couple of weeks ago, I was in Woollies to grab some groceries, and two of the young checkout girls were having a discussion about coconuts. And they were discussing as to whether a coconut is a fruit or a vegetable.... and that got me thinking - what IS a coconut? So I had to do some research, and came across a very interesting article indeed. A coconut is certainly not a vegetable, but it IS not only a fruit, but also a a nut and a seed!

I'll put the link HERE, if you're interested, but the part that explains it the best is as follows:

"In strictly botanical terms, a coconut is a fibrous one-seeded drupe; in other words, a dry drupe. Now, you might be thinking – what in the world is a drupe? A drupe is basically a fruit in which a fleshy part encompasses the hardened outer part, which in turn houses a seed inside. A drupe has three layers: the exocarp (the outermost ‘hardened’ layer), the mesocarp (the ‘fleshy’ middle part) and the endocarp (the hard layer surrounding the seed). Other examples of drupes are mangos, almonds, peaches, plums and cherries."

So, there you go! Now you know!

Baby, it's dark...

Jun. 26th, 2017 11:00 pm
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Started work at 6.03pm this evening.... a very late shift start!

Of course, do you think I actually did anything else today? Of COURSE not...! *sigh*

I truly have to wonder what's going on with me... It can't be purely psychological. Is there a physical problem with me? A combination of the two? It's quite... bizarre. Have I just fallen in to a habit of laziness? Or is there something darker and deeper going on?

I'm constantly self-analysing. I worry about my heart health... As a young kid, I could never really sprint or do sudden exertion, as I'd get quite breathless. I was diagnosed as having "Exercise Induced Asthma", and given a spin-haler. I've never really suffered from respiratory problems since my early teens though, but the breathlessness when making sudden strong physical movements, such as moving a heavy object, or quickly running up a flight or 2 of stairs still occurs. Maybe I have some undiagnosed heart problem? As always, I should really get a referral to a specialist, but it's the money involved in doing stuff like that, that prevents me from doing anything about my health - that, and the fear that maybe now as I approach 50, I might have hardened arteries, and could need a stent, or something more drastic...?

Anyway, an uneventful shift. Woollies had a special on Lindt, so I bought myself a healthy super dark option. But it's just TOO high a cocoa percentage, as it's quite bitter. No wonder it's healthy - you can't eat more than a square or two at a time! LOL

Funnily enough, I was scrolling through Facebook during a break, and a friend in Europe posted a picture of the exact same brand and "model" of chocolate - except that the script was in a foreign language - German, I think... I had to take a pic and post it as a comment on their picture...

Healthy chocolate...

I'm here...

Jul. 21st, 2017 11:00 pm
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I'm here...

It's the 21st of July, and I have about just under 4 weeks of LJ posts to catch up on.

I'd like to say that I've been busy, but all I've done is work and sleep. Occasionally I'll eat, but mainly sleeping and working. I had a cold, too, (which I'll write about later), which actually knocked me about a bit more than normal. I've also been quite morose, lethargic, completely unmotivated and basically not bothered with doing anything, or bothered about anything. Sort of that "numb" state and feeling again.

But - I've got a few days off work, which I actually LOCKED off, as we're now so understaffed that overtime is pretty much guaranteed. But I just needed a few days off to try to catch up with... life.

It's been cold at night here - getting down to around 6ºC some nights (around 43ºF), and as this is an old 50's suburban fibre house with no insulation, I can feel it. We don't run the heating all night, but I leave one side of the bed on low (with the electric blanket), and that keeps me warm. I don't like having a heavy, winter-weight doona on me.

I have SO much to do. A lot to write about. Hopefully I'll find the energy and motivation to do so, as this LJ is really the one constant that I try to maintain...

I charged the battery on my Olympus PEN EP-3 today, and took a pic of Millie. She looks a bit sad. Or wistful. Or both. She was waiting for her afternoon walk... Which I did, as Stu was at work, and Andy has a chest infection.


Wistful? Or sad?

Interesting Links for 21-07-2017

Jul. 21st, 2017 12:00 pm
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So my mother had a small stroke.

Jul. 20th, 2017 11:34 pm
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She's talking just fine (which is great, she's a real chatterbox) and even though she has some weakness on one side, it's already improving.

And while we were gone dealing with this, the cops broke into our house to search for our escaped neighbor. Which is ridiculous - they didn't have a warrant, and they certainly didn't have probable cause, and they definitely did not have our consent to a search.

I must say, they're really pulling out all the stops here. The cops, the state troopers, a joint NY/NJ task force, a helicopter... all this for some dude who ran out of his house, handcuffed, in his undies. It's either overkill, or they're hiding something big.

"Never let anyone hold you back!"

Jul. 20th, 2017 03:53 pm
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The music industry is rife with talented people who never quite reach the heights of stardom. Is it because they had bad management? Because they lacked drive? Because they were secretly assholes? Because they were overweight or unattractive? There's no way of knowing for sure.

Martha Wash is one such talent. Oh, the über-talented Ms. Wash has enjoyed some success as a recording artist — she's had 12 #1 songs on the Billboard dance charts, after all. But I don't think that anyone would categorize her as a major star these days. It's a shame. Of course, I've loved her since her Two Tons of Fun days when she sang backup for Sylvester. She later gained a lot of publicity for the world-wide smash "It's Raining Men." But that achievement didn't help years later when she was repeatedly denied recognition for her singing on several major hits (where a thinner, younger woman was hired to stand in and lip-synch for her in music videos). Wash sued and won her cases, but at what cost?

I personally don't care for all of her studio albums, but I recognize that the best songs are sold to the top acts. Wash can't compete in that area. Still, she's had some choice records, of which these are two. Here's hoping that Wash some day earns the recognition that she's due.

Which brings me to Another Hot Guy.

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It will come as a surprise to no one that Bette Davis is my favorite actress. I am, after all, a middle-aged Gay man. Which is not to say that Bette was the most talented actress ever (that would be Meryl Streep), and she certainly wasn't the most glamorous (take your pick from the Golden Age of Hollywood). But she was a consistently good actress, and an over-the-top celebrity right up until her death. I've been watching a good many of them over the past few weeks. Her films are a particularly good way to end the day after I've crawled into bed and fired up the TV.

Bette made several films during her career that covered a character at various stages in their lives, and it's really fascinating to see how Davis gave careful consideration to these roles. She didn't simply rely on the makeup artist to age her character, she herself brought physical touches (sometimes subtle, sometimes not) to convince us of the changes. The Old Maid is one good example of this, as Bette moves from a sunny Southern belle to a defeated woman in her 50s, sad and bitter about losing her out-of-wedlock daughter to her wealthy cousin.

But Mr. Skeffington is a much better display of Ms. Davis' talent for portraying someone at various points in her life. Bette is cast as a beautiful spoiled heiress who has all the men in New York City at her feet. She weds a lonely businessman (Claude Reins) to reacquire the family's wealth that's been squandered by a her deadbeat brother, but she continues to court the attention of any man within arm's reach — at least until a debilitating disease robs Davis of her beauty and forces her to realize she's only ever been loved by one man: her former husband, Mr. Skeffington.

I always had a tough time appreciating Mr. Skeffington because I always found Davis' kewpie-doll voice for Franny to be grating and affected. And it is affected, no doubt. But Davis manages to mold the sound to fit whatever age Franny is shown as: a young woman, a married woman, a middle-age flirt, and (finally) a broken old woman. Once I realized what Davis had achieved in Mr. Skeffington, I came to a new appreciation of the film.

I should also mention that Mr. Skeffington has a rather daring (for its time) portrayal of a Gay man in the person of Franny's "cousin from California," George. While (of course) George is never presented outright as being Gay, he is one of the only straight men in the film who not only never falls for Franny, he is never shown to have a wife or girlfriend, and he is also the only one to confront Franny on her bad behavior. He's actually the voice of reason for just about everyone. That's a pretty rare portrayal of a Gay man in Hollywood at that time.

Looks as if I've come to Another Hot Guy.

Review: Kingdomino

Jul. 20th, 2017 01:46 pm
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When I saw that it had won the 2017 Spiel des Jahres I took a look at Kingdomino. On discovering that it was only £15, and that games could be played in about 15 minutes I decided to pick up a copy.

So far I've played games with both [personal profile] swampers and [personal profile] danieldwilliam and both of them picked it up quickly and enjoyed playing it.

It's based (surprisingly enough) on the idea behind dominoes - or, at least, the part of dominoes where you have tiles with two ends and need to match them against each other. In this case the different ends are different terrains (grass, mountain, etc), and you score by forming areas of the same terrain*. Each turn you have to make a judgement between going for the tiles that score the highest, versus going for lower-scoring tiles which allow you make the first move the next turn.

I enjoyed it, and I'm definitely taking it on holiday. If you're looking for a filler game then it'll do a great job of that.

*It's a bit more complex than that, but not a lot.

Interesting Links for 20-07-2017

Jul. 20th, 2017 12:00 pm
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I posted yesterday about the media using "X defends against accusations" as a way of making you think that there are widespread attacks on them.

47 people clicked through to that post from Facebook. 5 from Twitter.

The 5 from Twitter all did so within an hour of the post going up.

The 47 from Facebook did so over the course of the following 12 hours (19 of them within an hour, but then an ongoing curve downwards).

Which indicates to me that Facebook does a pretty good job of knowing when something is interesting to my friends, and keeping it "active" for a while, whereas Twitter sweeps it away near-instantly, and unless it really grabs people it's gone.

And looking at my overall referrer stats, Facebook gets between three and six times the number of clicks that Twitter does.

(Just had a look at my actual LJ statistics too - yesterday I had 145 readers, of which 100-ish were reading via their friends-page and 45 were going direct to my posts/journal. Sadly I don't get the same info from DW, but Google Analytics tells me that 78 people visited that post on DW.)
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